Allegro Music


When I was in Primary school I was bullied. I was miserable at school and as a result my grades began to deteriorate. That was, until a new teacher started when I was in grade four. She started a music ensemble and I eagerly joined. This completely changed my life. I finally had a place where I truly felt like I belonged and this was the start of my musical journey.

No child should have to go without Music in their school or home life, but sadly three in four Australian children have no access to music education.

Allegro Music was created to try and make Music Education accessible to every child in Early Learning services and at home.


My children have really enjoyed Sami’s music lessons at their childcare. They love using puppets,scarves, instruments, songs and dance to create beautiful noise together. Sami encourages them to freely explore musical concepts in experiences that reflect her knowledge of child development and music.

Renee, colleague and mum of two

Sami is passionate about making music accessible and fun for kids. While Sami has deep theoretical and practical knowledge, she is also enthusiastic and skilled at drawing on children’s natural curiosity and love of learning to keep them interested and engaged.

Clare, mum of two